last modified on Jun 22, 2023

This page currently collects information on TextGrid's metadata scheme and concept.


Mappings and specifications

  • Here is a large Excel sheet that contains all metadata fields including mappings to the metadata standards TEI header, Dublin Core and MODS.
  • The canonical form for TextGrid's metadata is XML as specified by the schema at This schema, together with its components, is maintained in a git repository at
  • TextGrid Metadata to TEI header:
    • The metadata editor contains an XSLT stylesheet that generates a TEI header for an object from a set of TextGrid metadata records. The input of the stylesheet is the concatenation of the metadata records that make up the path to the object (ask TG-search for that), i.e. the aggregations/editions/works/collections the object is contained in.


  • Generated schema doc – is this useful?
  • What of the very detailed Metadatenprofil documentation needs to be ported (and in which form?)


Metadata Cheat Sheet


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